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4 Things To Consider Before Making A Domain Name Yours

There are more than 300 million registered domain names online and you would definitely want your domain name to be unique, appealing and great!

You would also want your domain name to be easily remembered, possess a URL that could specify your business accurately and rank higher on a search engine such as Google, right?

Always remember that it is very easy to purchase a domain name which you can regret at a later stage. This is happening because what was once fashionable and useful some months or years ago, all of a sudden is cumbersome and really a source of great pain in the butt to really pen out here.

You might settle in for a domain name that you get if your preferred domain name is already picked, only for it to expire later and stay stuck with one that you don’t like at all.

In the context of the same, let’s provide you 4 indispensable aspects that you must consider while registering/choosing a domain name.

Domain Name – Things To Consider!

The Human Perspective


You would surely want a domain that’s simple to read & type and remember and you must create a mix of these when you sit to get a name for  your new domain name.


 Unless you are too sure about your target audience, it would be great if you could stay away having a domain name laced with slang and corporate-speak lingo. If you are positioning your domain in a specific country, keeping some local word in the domain may work in your favor.

The Brand Perspective

You always want your targeted audience to know in shortest possible time as what you are all about and you don’t want a URL that does not serve this purpose well. Thus, you must do some research and brainstorming to find what’s in and what’s out that may sum up your core business and may give a good impression.

Domain Extensions

Gone are days when only .ORG, .NET and .COM domain extensions were available and some others depending on your country of residence.

While it would be still great to go for these conventional domain extensions, there are even other options to choose from and may even work if it matches with your business needs and operation types.

New domain extensions such as .BIZ, .INFO, .ME, .SHOP, .TV, .MOBI and much more may denote your business even more accurately than conventional ones, sometimes.

So pick up your choices carefully.

The SEO Perspective:

Relevancy & Keywords

Try to strike a balance between cute and useful in your domain name and for that you don’t need to make it boring as hell just to rank it well on a search engine such as Google.

Also try to include keywords in your domain name that not only matches well with your business but even ranks higher on a search engine when typed or searched.

This could be a good practice to opt for a domain name finalization as the search engine may return traffic back to your domain name if it contained a ‘being searched’ keyword.

The Legal Perspective

It would obviously be costing you a lot of time, money and headaches if you have been sued for infringement because you have kicked off as a company with exactly a same name, or with one that could easily be confused with another company.

This could easily put you in an exhaustive and unending legal soup which no one wants to be stuck in!

Thus, before you begin to finalize or register a domain name, make sure that the name that your finalize for your domain name DOES NOT matches exactly with another already ‘live’ website name or that matches with it in some aspects or other.

Thus, try to keep these 4 aforementioned points under consideration when you try to make a domain yours.

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