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3 Simple Steps To Transfer Your Domain Name

Before you start a domain name transfer, first you need to have ownership of a domain name and a trusted registrar that you want to transfer your domain name to. A domain name registrar is an authority approved by ICANN which controls the registration of domain names.

If your domain name is currently locked or inactive, then it won’t meet your registrar’s conditions for transfer your domain name to a new registrar. Furthermore, your domain name should be enlisted for more than 60 days before you want to transfer it.

Thus, let’s help you know how to transfer your domain name to a new registrar in 3 easy steps.

1. Contact Your Current Domain Name Registrar

First, you need to contact the organization where your domain name is currently enrolled and request them to unlock your domain name and even send an EPP Code or an Auth Code (Authorization Code). Your current domain name registrar will probably send you an email along with this code.

2. Transfer A Domain Name To A New Registrar

First, choose a reliable and trusted new domain name registrar such as BookMyIdentity. From DOMAINS tab, in Transfer option, click Transfer Your Domain program; Domain Name Transfer page opens.

Enter your current domain name and top-level domain extension such as .COM and .ORG in the field provided. After that, enter the EPP Code or Auth Code in the field provided and then click the Transfer button. If you want to transfer more than one domain name, then you can use its Bulk Domain Transfer option.

3. Approve Your Domain Transfer

After the checkout, you will get a couple of emails from BookMyIdentity, and you will even receive a few communication emails from your previous domain name registrar. Read all these emails carefully, as you will be requested to approve the transfer of your domain name. These emails are very important and you have to click the link to indicate your approval of domain name transfer to BookMyIdentity.

BookMyIdentity is an ICANN accredited domain name registrar who helps you transfer your domain name easily and even offers several web hosting packages, features, flexibility, world-class support, high-performance servers and much more.

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