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Why IDNs Are So Important – A Quick Overview!

Heard about IDNs?

Nowadays, the internet users are increasing rapidly and there are lots of individuals who are non-English speakers. They do not use Latin script characters in their day-to-day life. So, it is very important to use domain names in non-Latin scripts.

IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) are domain names, which represent local language characters to increase the ability of users to use the internet in their own particular languages. This evolution is one of the most important parts of the progression and the internet’s future growth.

The main goal of Internationalized Domain Names is to enhance the international functionality and accessibility of the internet by allowing more and more users to register different domain names in non-English languages.

Let’s help you know why Internationalized Domain Names are so important for a huge portion of the globe’s population living in regions where the Latin script characters are not more…