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Domain Registration & Copyright Infringement

Here’s a quick information on the domain registration & copyright infringement!

The domain name of your organization represents your online presence in the ever emerging marketplaces. Before selecting a name for your business, you must have put a clear focus on copyright Infringements related to the domain.

With this careful approach, you might not only escape the legitimate snarls, but it also helps focus on other important issues of the business that you run.

Choosing a correct domain name is one of the most important processes during branding your business in a continuously developing online segment. It represents your business in a marketplace. So you should be very careful while selecting a domain name for your organization.

Domain Registration & Copyright Infringement – Some Facts To Know!

A small domain copyright infringement might also push you in a tedious legal tangle and disturb your business. Many factors ignite a domain infringement crisis and so a rapid rise in domain copyright problems are now evident.

A business entity or an organization can copyright any name, word, or symbol that further discriminates and identifies its products and services from other organizations that running in same or distinctive fragments.

A copyright infringement during domain registration might result in losing your domain name and also serious penalties in specific cases. Just because you get a domain of your choice, it does not mean that you have a complete right to use it. If it contains any trademark, a trademark proprietor might send you a legal notice to take a domain back from you.

Let’s talk about some domain registration fundamental guidelines, which would help you to keep your domain away from copyright infringements.

  • Search the trademark databases. It helps you to get a list of all registered and pending domains.
  • Select a domain that should resemble your business idea and also be prepared to explain the reasons behind utilizing the name in case a copyright violation twist approaches you.
  • If your desired domain is already enlisted, but shows no contents on web pages, investigate the whereabouts of the proprietor as the contents might be queued up by him.

Some business owners enlist domains with popular names not to build a website, but to resell them at a higher price. This might offer you a chance to get your desired domain. But, before participating in such a trade you should verify that a vendor has the genuine ownership rights for that specific domain that you are willing to purchase.

In some cases, if you intentionally select a domain similar to another organization just to confuse the clients and direct them to your website, then you might be scanned for copyright violation.

In the traditional corporate field, two distinct organizations might run their businesses with the same name if their services are different, but their web address must be unique to make them distinct from each other.

BookMyIdentity is an ICANN (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names And Numbers) accredited domain registration service provider, who respects the trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights of others.

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Domain Registration & Copyright Infringement – Know More!

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