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Domain Name: 5 Must-Haves Element!

There are millions of websites in the world with similar services, products or from the same industry such as food, clothing, and more.  But what makes a website unique and distinguishable from others is its domain name.

It is a unique identity of your website, through which your clients identify your website, products, and services.

But amongst various websites and domains already enlisted, you may find a difficulty in choosing an ideal name for your business website. You have to ensure that your domain is chosen carefully because it would affect your website’s prevalence in many ways.

So, before registering your domain name, let’s see the 5 must-have elements which you ought to have in your domain to ensure its success.

Domain Name – Ensure ‘These’ 5 Elements!

  1. Have A Clear Idea About Your Domain Extension

What many individuals forget to consider in selecting a domain name is a domain extension. .COM, .NET, .ORG, and, .EDU are some familiar domain extensions.

Any individual who has a little knowledge about URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) and domains would usually add the .COM extension in his URL as it is one of the most popular domain extensions.

However, if your business requires focusing on a specific market or a country, you could go for country specific ccTLDs (Country Code Top-Level Domains) such as .US, .IN, .UK, and more.

In addition, various new gTLDs (Generic Top-Level Domains) are available in the online market today, which not only help you get a perfect domain as per your industry, but they also help you get the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits.

All in all, you should select a domain extension as per the requirements of your business and your target market.

  1. Go For A Short, Memorable, & Catchy Domain Name

An irrational longer domain would only make your customers confuse as they do not remember or type it properly, while a short and simple domain would give it a more appealing recognition.

So choose a domain that should be short, simple, easy-to-remember, and most importantly, unique. This would make a domain search process much easier as well as result oriented.

  1. Attach Your Brand Name

Your brand name is indisputably an identifier of your business. You can use it in your domain as it provides a good acknowledgment to your website.

Your brand name would give an authenticity to your business. Many famous brands such as Dominos, Levis, and more use their brand name as a domain name. This would help your clients find you faster.

  1. Avoid Using Numbers & Hyphens

You should absolutely stay away from an idea of using numbers and hyphens in your domain.

There might be circumstances when a domain you are searching for is already registered and now you might think to modify it by using a specific number or hyphen.

It could prove disastrous, as your clients may get befuddled about a number whether it is written as words or is numeric and may forget a hyphen, which results in loss of customers and ultimately profits.

So, as far as possible you should say no to numbers and hyphens.

  1. Think About Relevant Keywords

Keywords are important in terms of your website ranking and in giving a unique identity to your business.

Search engines such as the Google scans your domain and give it a ranking based on relevant keywords. So, while choosing a domain, you must include relevant keywords in it which go with your business. You should select such keywords or phrases that individuals would use while searching for your products or services over the internet.

Thus, a domain name would give your business a professional presence and credibility over the internet. There are lots of elements that get affected by your domain selection. So register your domain with an ICANN accredited domain registrar, BookMyIdentity, and make your dream of building a great business brand fulfilled!


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