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Domain Name & SEO: Startups Have A Look!

When you create a new website for your startup company, one of the most vital decisions you have to make is selecting a right domain name.

For many years, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategists have formulated many practices to help increase higher rankings on search engine results and a domain name is a factor, which plays an important role in SEO strategies.

Let’s help you know how domains could impact your SEO and search engine rankings.

Domain Name & SEO – Things To Know!

Ways Your Domain Name Could Impact An SEO Strategy

There are two main ways your domain could help improve your SEO and search engine rankings.

  1. Keywords
  2. Branding
  1. Keyword Domains

You could select a domain, which contains different keywords about your business, such as your products, services, and more.

For instance, you are a professional photographer specializing in wildlife photography. You may get better search engine ranking results with a domain like “”.

But, you should always keep in mind that Google search engine does not give as much value to a keyword domain as it gives value to a brand domain.

  1. Branding Domains

Your domain should be based on your business brand, so users would remember, find, share and recognize your business online.

Normally, you ought to pick a domain at the same time when you choose your business name. If you already have your business name, you would use it as your domain name too.

The main key to an SEO-friendly domain is branding.

Google likes brand names because internet users like them. A strong online business brand means visitors are more probably click on it, read it, share it, and ultimately link to that website.

The more individuals would remember your brand, the more they would revisit you, and hence increasing your business website’s credibility.

In this way, positive branding would definitely help your website get a higher rank in search engine results.

Choosing a right domain is a significant step if you want your online business to be successful in a long run.

You can choose your domain from an ICANN accredited registrar, BookMyIdentity, who offers simple, short, and memorable domains with thematic relevance and recognition, which is essential to growing your business effectively.


Domain Name Value For SEO

Selecting An SEO Friendly Domain Name Made Easy!

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