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3 Hot Tips While Zeroing On A Domain Name

Being a physical business owner, if you are not yet having a domain name, selling your products over the web or internet, you are not only losing out to people who have already switched their businesses online but even great customer patronage, branding and not to forget humongous sales volume.

Thus, what’s stopping you from going online? Is it your inability to decide a good name and eventually making a website? If you are lacking in zeroing in on a great domain name, help is here in the form of the being below mentioned tips.

Domain Name Creation Tips

Kiss (Keep It Simple Silly)

Keep it sweet, short and simple. The shorter, (one-two words maximum) the better. You should know that leading websites, on an average, have possibly nine or less characters in their domain names.

You should also be able to make it easy-to-remember, pronounce and spell. If ten of your friends are able do it correctly, then your domain name is compatible enough to be registered. If this is not the case, you would need to reconsider it. 

Avoid All Kinks, Trouble & Hassles

You must be careful while selecting a domain name and must know and ensure that you are not going for it and be closely on the heels of someone else’s trademark to keep away issues in the future.

Yes, this is because that the last thing that would want is to get your domain name changed after establishing your brand; it will ruin your image and credibility amongst your customers in a flash.

Always Be Creative, Unique & Brandable

Won’t you like your domain name to stand out from ever growing online competition? Of course you do but it’s not an easy task. However, it’s not that too difficult a task if you are creative, smart enough to give similar persona to your domain name!

Yes, you need to make your domain name creative, unique and compatibly brandable when pitted against your competitors’ domain names.

While you must know that most single-word domains are already grabbed and you may need to get your own word created.

Here’s a help; you can try to merge two complete words such as YouTube, use a phrase, rejig it, mix and match, re-create a word such as Flickr, Quickr, affix or prefix a word with a suffix (Shopify) and or go ahead and give way to an altogether unique such as Odeo.

Don’t let your business wait and give it an online presence today with the help of a great domain name right away! Are you facing issues? Get in touch with BookMyIdentity, a domain name registration solution provider with web hosting, email hosting, website builder/creator, website security offing and more!

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3 Hot Tips While Zeroing On A Domain Name
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