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What Is A Domain Name – A Quick Guide!

A new computer user typically always confuses domain name with URLs (Universal Resource Locators), IP addresses or Internet protocols.

Let’s help you know the difference between these terms as they are ubiquitous and it also helps you to use these terms correctly when you are communicating with computer specialists and other individuals who are within a professional organization.

A Domain Name & A URL

A URL (universal resource locator) is a whole set of directions, which contains all detailed information about web pages over the internet. A domain name is one of the most important pieces of a URL which is situated inside it.

When users type your web address in the address bar of a browser, it starts a process of finding the web page requested. To do so, the guidelines contained in a URL including a domain name, should correctly indicate that location.

A Domain Name & An IP Address

A domain name is an address, which people type on a browser to get to a website. A domain name, then links to a real address which contains your website and this real address is called an IP address that contains a series of numbers such as This IP address finds a location on a web server which contains your website files.

What’s In A Domain Name

A domain name functions over the web in a manner similar to a physical address present in the world. Every part of domain name gives you specific information, which enables browsers to locate specific web pages. The domain naming system is firmly managed in order to avoid duplicate addresses and confusion.

How Does It Work

It provides web users a simple and short name which is easy-to-remember. A user types a web address into a URL field of his web browser. A domain name itself reads it from right to left as per the DNS hierarchy and gives direction to a network, which finally results in a successful web page load at the user end of the transaction.

Thus, it provides you a simple and human-friendly way to locate various websites over the Internet.

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