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Domain Privacy: Importance & Benefits!

Domain privacy is a must & you must get your domain protected today. Not convinced? Read on!

When you register a domain name, the ICANN (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers) requires you to enter your valid contact information such as your name, address, telephone number, email address, and more.

This information is then made visible to the public through a WHOIS database. Now, your personal information is easily accessible to everybody, including marketers, identity thieves, and even spammers.

Many services which offer domain registration realize that having your personal information accessible for the world to see is not ideal, so they provide with an option of the domain privacy protection service.

When you get this service, your personal information is replaced with other alternative information and safety measures.

Here are some benefits of domain privacy protection, which help you know the importance of this service.

Domain Privacy – Vital Features!

  • Protects Your Identity

With unmasked WHOIS registration, your personal information is available publicly and anybody with an Internet connection could access this private information.

Domain privacy protection does not let your information fall into the wrong hands and helps keep your personal information private.

  • Blocks Spam

As your telephone number and email address are available publicly, spammers could make you an easy target for junk mails and spams.

You could get a firm control over junk mails and spams by having privacy protection for your domain.

  • Helps Avoid Undesirable Phone Calls

Individuals may use your telephone number and you may receive undesirable calls from them. To avoid this, you need to avail a WHOIS privacy protection service.

  • Prevents Identity Or Information Theft

Digital hackers may steal your online identity and use your personal information for burglary and other fake activities.

So, you should choose privacy protection for your domain to protect yourself from such problems.

To avoid such issues, you can also register your domain from BookMyIdentity, an ICANN accredited domain registrar, who offers an ideal domain name for your website and helps run your online business successfully.


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