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High PR Domain: Think Before Buying Them!

Heard a lot about the high PR domain? It’s time to dig deeper!

A domain name enhances your website visibility and helps you to develop your business in a successful way. It represents your products and services, which you offer to your customers.

A high PR domain is everyone’s dream to improve the business policies. It helps you increase the sale of your business.

However, these domains are quite expensive and may also carry certain issues.

Let’s help you know some important factors that you should know before buying high PR domains.

High PR Domain Facts

  • Check The PA & DA Of A Domain

A Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) are very important factors as they tell you the quality of a domain name.

If you want to buy any high PR domain, then you should check these both factors and ensure that the DA is 25 or more. This makes sure that you get a good domain.

  • Check A Domain With Google Banned Checker

You might find a high PA and DA, but it is not useful if Google has officially banned that domain from search engine results.

So, check your domain with Google banned checker and ensure it is not prohibited.

  • Check A Domain Page Rank Carefully

Sometimes, domain names have manipulated page ranks and you may be caught in a trap. So, always check your domain with a fake PR checker tool and verify it with some other tools also.

  • Check A Domain To Determine A Copyright Status

Before selecting a high PR domain, you should check that it does not have any copyright or trademark. If that domain is a big brand, then you may face a major penalty.

Thus, always keep in mind that you should keep your hands off from any copyrighted domains.

These are few important things that you should consider before buying high page rank domains.

BookMyIdentity is an ICANN accredited domain registrar, who helps you register your domain and make your dream of creating a successful business brand fulfilled!


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