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New gTLDs – The Evolution & Adoption!

In the course of recent two years, there have been a considerable number of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) coming out.

The Internet Corporation Of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a governing body of domain names develops and releases new gTLDs to increase innovation, customer choice, and competition in the field of domain registration services.

New top-level domains provide an option to traditional domain extensions and invite customers to select the new gTLDs as per their business needs and interests and they do not have to miss out on a decided domain due to the non-availability of a conventional domain extension.

There are a few new categories of selecting domain extensions and as per those categories; you could register new top-level domains such as .ORGANISATION, .COUNTRY, .BRAND and more. This implies that you could register gTLDs which are specific to your business, trade, cause, city, community, or even hobby.

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Some new domain extensions are .COMPANY, .EXPERT, .PHOTOGRAPHY, .FASHION, .WEBSITE, .LIFE, .MUSIC, .FINANCE and more.

This evolution process helps businesses adapt new domain extensions in order to connect with their target audiences. It also helps businesses find their desired domain name, which more closely resembles their product, service, industry, and brand.

If your domain extension perfectly matches with your brand name, this helps strengthen your brand and makes it easy-to-remember for your clients.

Your website with its perfect domain extension shows that it is one of the most integral parts of this new digital revolution and well-versed with the recent developing technologies.

With these outcomes, it makes sense to predict more prominent adoptions would come into this industry and individuals and businesses use these new addresses more and more.

At the same time, it seems like that ICANN would also continue to re-evaluate the use of new domain extensions, including new guidelines that would further shape how businesses identify themselves online.

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