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Protect Your Domain From Cybersquatting

To safeguard your domain name and ultimately your business brand from this risk, it is important to comprehend about Cybersquatting first.

So if you are running your own business and have a website, it is not enough to simply surveillance your website network for viruses and other malicious activities.

A more dangerous risk may already be creeping over the internet, waiting to take your business’s status and domain name– the cybersquatter.

Cybersquatting (also known as domain squatting) is a process, which misuses your business name and brand through the use of domain names. It precisely indicates burglary of your business name or attributes to make an instance profit.

Cybersquatting Strategies

There are a number of strategies through which cybersquatting could be accomplished. Some of them are-

Generally, a business name is registered and cybersquatters endeavor to sell it an overblown price to earn more profit.

Some domain name registrars are also involved in this cybersquatting process. They track domain name investigations and keep them aside if a customer does not purchase it immediately.

When the same customer visits them to procure the same domain name, those registrars pretend that specific domain name is not available now. In such cases, they offer that specific domain name at maximum prices, which is obviously not legal.

Furthermore, some business owners use a cybersquatting process to hurt their competitors by harming their domain name and reputation in the market.

Therefore, you should protect your domain name against cybersquatting

Protection Of Your Domain Name Against Cybersquatting

When you are planning to purchase a domain name, you must comprehend the concept of cybersquatting.

It is one of the most important aspects to check whether a domain name that you want to purchase is connected with any website or not.  If you find a domain name result associated with another website, which is under construction or available for sale, it implies that you have become a casualty.

However, if there is no website related to that specific domain name, then you can buy that domain name.

In order to run your online business successfully, it is very important to have a registered business brand.

You should also ensure that your domain name is legitimately registered with the government.

Another way to protect your domain name and goodwill of your business is to own many different variations of your domain name, for example, different domain name extensions such as .COM, .NET, .ORG, and even plural forms of your domain name. This way, you could definitely avoid the risk of cybersquatting.

So, with appropriate knowledge and understanding, you can protect your domain name from it.

To avoid this issue, you can also trust BookMyIdentity, an ICANN accredited domain name registrar, which offers ideal domain names for your website. It also takes care of your domain name and helps run your business successfully.


Domain Cybersquatting Protection Tips

Go & Protect Your Website From Cybersquatting!



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